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The Ryan Rivard
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I’m Ryan



The way you do anything, is the way you do everything.

World traveled modern-day renaissance man with a passion for learning, adventure sports, music, and family.  A mountaineer, marketer, and fitness enthusiast aiming to climb Mount Everest (Summited May 20th), Lobuche East Peak (Summited Nov. 22), and Mt. Ama Dablam (Summited Nov. 22) in a 18-month time frame for mental health.

With over a decade of entrepreneurial and marketing experience, I am taking things to new heights. Literally. Over the past two years, my focus has not just been on business. Mountaineering and philanthropy have taken a top spot.

In 2022 we raised awareness and money for Veterans and Mental Health. Moving to 2024, I hope to do the same for Mental Health, Youth Recovery, and Suicide Prevention.

My Story (Short Version).

At seven, I faced a life-altering tragedy with the loss of my grandfather to suicide, leading me down a path of pain and addiction. Yet, my story is one of transformation; at 19, I embarked on a journey to recovery in Minnesota, turning my life from despair to hope. Today, over 21 years sober, a father, entrepreneur, and a man on a mission, I aim to climb Mount Everest. This climb is more than a personal challenge; it symbolizes the journey of overcoming and transforming lives, embodying resilience, hope, and the power of recovery. 

With Nims Dai (from the Netflix Documentary – 14 Peaks) and the Elite Exped team as my climbing partners, leveraging my network and social media, we are inviting the recovery community to unite in sharing triumphs like mine. This initiative, alongside strategic partnerships, amplifies our message, engaging younger generations and fostering a movement of awareness and support within the recovery community. This campaign is not just about raising awareness; it’s about creating a movement that showcases the power of recovery and the human spirit’s capacity to overcome.

Why Climb Mt. Everest?

Mount Everest stands not just as the highest peak on Earth but as a beacon of human endurance, determination, and the relentless pursuit of dreams. Climbing Everest transcends physical conquest; it embodies overcoming life’s obstacles, setting ambitious goals, and pushing the boundaries of possibility.

With the dual goals of challenging personal limits and raising awareness and funds for mental health, specifically targeting youth suicide prevention and addiction recovery. This endeavor is about more than just reaching the summit; it’s about leveraging this monumental effort to support vital causes and inspire others to overcome their own “Everests”.

I am thrilled to begin this journey with everyone who chooses to get involved for these wonderful causes – and look forward to the next adventure – The Everest Project.


Be part of this monumental journey. Together, we can reach new heights, share the thrill of adventure, and make a lasting impact on mental health and recovery.

Fundraising Pillars:
Our partnerships will shine a light on suicide prevention and addiction recovery, offering hope and support to young adults. 

Offering hope and support to young adults, shining a light on crucial mental health issues.

Empowering youth in their fight against addiction, symbolizing resilience and recovery.

Committing to diversity, equality, and inclusion by funding essential services for underserved areas.

Your donations help us continue our vital work in mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and support for recovery and DEI initiatives.

Donation Transparency

The Everest Project, led by Ryan Rivard, is dedicated to making a difference in underserved areas through diversity, inclusion, and equality. We appreciate every contribution, whether it’s a donation or a corporate sponsorship.

Donations: are tax-deductible and directly support our efforts to raise awareness, fund scholarships to recovery centers, and aid mental health organizations. These contributions are crucial for the operational success of our climb and the initiatives we support. 

Corporate sponsorships: provide businesses with marketing exposure while supporting the climb’s logistical needs. This partnership offers a unique opportunity for companies to align with a cause that not only challenges human limits but also serves the community.

Thank you for considering joining us on this journey. Your support, in any form, helps us achieve our dual objectives of conquering Everest and improving lives through Let’s Fuel Growth, Inc. Together, we can reach new heights and create meaningful change.

*Make a tax deductible donation through our partner Let’s Fuel Growth Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

“Let’s Fuel Growth” is a charitable organization to creating significant societal change, particularly in mental health, addiction recovery, and equality. Founded by visionaries committed to making a difference, it aims to harness the power of community events to inspire hope, drive action, and support essential services for those in need.*

Partnership Opportunities: “Taking Your Brand To The Top of the World”

We invite corporate partners and individual supporters to join us in this epic journey of adventure and achievement. Our sponsorship packages offer unparalleled opportunities for brand visibility and engagement, directly supporting mental health initiatives and youth recovery.

  • Brand Partnerships | Start at $5,000*
  • Summit Sponsorships | Begin at $50,000+
  • Fundraising Goal | $250,000
*Please know that all opportunities and engagement levels are welcome.  See samples on how we can engage on this journey.


Product integration on training videos posted on social.
Inclusion in a weekly newsletter or blog journaling Ryan’s training progress and regimen.
Inclusion in press releases and mentions in any PR Ryan does before leaving for Everest (podcasts, IG Live, and other traditional media).


Brand exposure on apparel and gear worn during the climb and placed in camps and at the summit.
Brand messaging opportunities + Live Streaming (when available) w/ #shareyourevereststory livestream from the mountain. 
Product integration at basecamp, camps 2-4, and the summit.


Photos and videos with brand logos are featured on social media. 
Brand exposure at the “Welcome Ryan Home Event” in Minneapolis in the form of banners, formal invitations, logo on step & repeat, etc.
Partners logo on customized giant check for charitable partner donation (if applicable).
Exclusive “first-look” of the upcoming “Ryan Rivard Brand” with products and services as part of his forthcoming lifestyle brand launch in Summer 2023. 


Ryan shares his experience of climbing with partner employees at the brand partner’s corporate headquarters or other locations with their employees and other VIP invites.
Speaking engagements, podcasts, products, apparel, and training.
Beta-testing and promoting new products, nutritional supplements, apparel, and more.
Exclusive access and branding opportunities to future adventures.

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Taking your brand to greater heights.

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Make a tax deductible donation through our partner Let’s Fuel Growth Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable organization.


At an early age, I’ve tested the boundaries of life through experience. Through perseverance and dedication, I’ve pushed myself to accomplish things that others often said were not possible. Even though many of these experiences were happening to me personally, I was never really alone. I’ve been blessed to have a support system that has helped reinforce my endeavors even if they didn’t always make sense. Everest is the highest point on this planet. It’s an earnest endeavor that requires a considerable amount of mental, physical, and spiritual toughness, but it’s not something you do alone.

It takes a team both on and off the mountain, and we can make this experience a reality with your support. 

Let’s do this together.


Growing each and every day is a blessing. Be present for the growth.

Over the last decade, adversity has been present. Each day new challenges arise and the gift is being present in the moment to appreciate each new challenge and enjoy the ride. 

  • 2012

    2012 was the year that I left corporate America with the mindset of making the life I wanted. Over the last decade I have done that with my family, fitness, and friends.

  • 2022

    2022 The year I summited my first two mountains, Lobuche East Peak (Summited Nov. 22), and Mt. Ama Dablam (Summited Nov. 22). I also started the planning around climbing Mt. Everest.

  • 2024

    2024 In business growth has continued and the idea of climbing Mt. Everest has become a reality. I am looking forward to a third successful summit.



Please reach out to me with any questions on partnership opportunities, or fill out the form below to learn more.

Together, let’s write the next chapter of adventure and impact.

NAME: Ryan Rivard
Location: Wayzata, MN

PHONE: (763) 485 4270
EMAIL: [email protected]